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Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes – Book Review

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This is the first in the Rose Gardner Mystery series by Denise Grover Swank. Like many first books of a series, I found this for free through BookBub. I was expecting a book similar to Janet Evanovich’s funny crime series starring Stephanie Plum; with the main difference being that this is also a paranormal. While there are some parts in common – naive female that is pulled into dangerous situations that somehow make it out alive – this was not funny and the main character Rose was just dumb not naive.

Rose has the ability of “sight” that most people in her community shun her for, especially her mother. Although she’s in her mid twenties, she’s extremely sheltered and is a doormat that doesn’t stand up to her mother until the big public blowout before her mother is murdered. Rose is dragged into the case by trying to solve who killed her mother since the whole town thinks that she did. Joe is the hot neighbor that comes to her rescue, most of the time, but he’s got his own agenda and secrets he’s keeping from Rose. As with many murder mystery books with females that go running off without thinking, Rose has to be rescued from her stupid choices. Her solving the case is nothing but pure dumb luck.

I’m not planning on reading any other books in this series, I can do without reading another story about a useless female that can’t take care of herself. Maybe if the next one is free I’ll pick it up, but I doubt it.

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