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Vanish – Book Review

Vanish Cover

This is a book by Becca Campbell that doesn’t directly tie into her Flawed series, but there are similarities. You don’t need to have read any of the Flawed books in order to follow this one.

Eva is a young woman with the ability to vanish, but without a way to control it. When she’s upset and very stressed, she will vanish and she doesn’t know when or how she can become visible again to the world. While invincible, she can still see and hear everything but she has no way of contacting anyone. They don’t see or hear her and she cannot manipulate anything because she just passes right through it. She has recently returned from an extended time – 10 years – being invincible and she is going to her high school reunion to see if there is a way to reconnect with her high school boyfriend that she believes is the key to keeping her visible. There is a lot of high school drama – jealousy, immature approach to the opposite sex – that I would have been better left out. Having read Campbell’s other works, I can see how she’s developing as a writer, but would have liked more depth to her characters. This is a quick and easy read, something that can be finished in one sitting for most. If you’re not looking for anything too intense and just want a good beach read then this is a good choice. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

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