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Vengeance – Book Review


This is the third book in the Fireborn Wolves series by Genevieve Jack. I’ve enjoyed this series, as well as the Knight Games series and I look forward to more books by her.

Silas is struggling to finally catch Alex and see that he pays for all his crimes, especially for what he did to Silas’s family. Soleil wants to rekindle their relationship, but he’s moved on since she cannot commit to just him. But she’s mixed up in the middle of the investigation and search for Alex which only complicates things. To top it off, he gets partnered with a new transfer, Meredith, and does his best to keep her at arms length because there is a possible mole and he can’t trust anyone. There are lots of twists and action which makes this a entertaining a quick read. Make sure that you’ve read the previous two books in the series (Vice and Virtue) so that you will not be lost when reading Vengeance. You don’t have to have read the Knight Games series, but if you have you’ll see some of the characters pop in for a cameo and see how their lives have changed in this book. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

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