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Waging War – Book Review

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This is the fourth book in the Immortal Descendants series by April White. This was my favorite book, which is not easy to say since I like the previous three a lot.

The group is doing all they can to stop the Mongers from taking over and cleansing the bloodlines. To do this, Saira and Ringo go back in time to Bletchley Park to help the past Archer during World War II. There is so much going on in this book – war, code breaking, espionage, romance, danger – but it’s not overpowering. Instead it’s captivating and takes you on a fast paced adventure that I couldn’t put down. I cannot wait to start the last book and see if Saira, Archer and Ringo can pull off taking down the descendants of War. Make sure that you’ve read Marking Time, Tempting Fate and Changing Nature before starting this book so you are not lost (or miss reading three great books!).

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