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Many website developers and maintainers do not support Ad Blockers. They feel it cuts into their business (and it might). As a publisher myself, I DO support Ad Blockers. The Ads that I have on my site are not designed to support me. They are here to cover the hosting and domain cost of the site and that’s it. This site is not my career, it is just for fun and to help people where I can. With that said, even if the Ads were meant to support me in the form of a primary business, I would still support Ad Blocking. The internet is not any different than any other media when it comes to advertising. If commercials come up on the television, I turn the channel if I do not want to watch them. With radio its the same thing. If someone designed a device that plugged into a TV or Radio that would display black on the TV or mute the radio every time a commercial played people would use that too, and I would support it. You as an individual have the right to consume what you want and block what you don’t want. The second this right gets taken away, our society is no longer free. The average consumer does not use Ad Blockers anyway, so unless the only people coming to a site are technology enthusiasts using Ad Blockers, as a publisher you will still make money on the Ads. If this is the only type of people that come to your site, then maybe its time to change your business plan and create more content that attracts people that could care less whether there is an advertisement on their screen. I use Ad Blockers myself and when I find a site that has useful information that I like, it takes me 2 seconds to shut of the Ad Blocker and support the site. With most of my favorite sites, I have it set to always show Ads on those sites. For all the other publishers out there, your business model is not and should not be the concern of the consumer. It is your job as a publisher to come up with a good business model. If consumers are blocking Ads then you must adapt and find other ways to profit from your work. Lets pretend for a second that it’s winter; the outside temperature is 0 and you have a street cart that you sell popsicles out of. As you can imagine most people are not going to want a popsicle in 0 degree weather. They want something warm. You would need to adapt and change your business plan to attract the consumer. Maybe offer coffee or hot chocolate instead. If you choose not to change your business plan and decide to continue standing on the sidewalk complaining that no one wants your popsicles, then your business will fail and someone else who was willing to adapt will take your place. This is how the free market works. Deal with it!

Website Ad Blockers
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Website Ad Blockers
Why web developers should support Ad Block
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