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Witch is When It All Began – Book Review

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This is the first in the A Witch P.I Mystery series by Adele Abbott. I found this book on sale through BookBub, and although it was entertaining enough I don’t see myself reading any of the other 17 books (so far available) in this series.

Jill is a P.I. that has taken over the business her father started. She’s very quirky, which is nothing unusual or irritating for a character, but the other characters are super annoying. Her employee is rude, her cat is neurotic, her sister is a bully, her cousins are annoying and her love interest is in her own words: an asshat. The story is different enough, a woman that finds out late in life that she’s a witch. But the story focuses too much on the craziness that surrounds her thanks to the sister/cousins/asshat hot guy that the desire to read any more of Jill’s adventures are crushed. I’d recommend this only if you can get it for sale, of just like paranormal mysteries that have characters that leave you thankful they aren’t real.

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